Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Manned ornithopter with 8m. span

RC model of ornithopter with 2m. span

                             ORNITHOPTER - 1978

Variant of invention "Wing of ornithopter", realized by RC model


Variant of invention "Wing of ornithopter"

                                Ornithopter with passive articulated adaptive wing

                                                                   The future...

span - 10 m
chord - 1.5 m
weight - 85 kg
(At the images it is withowt elastic rips and fabric of the wings.)
The ORNITHOPTER have articulated wings and control of the elasticity of the wings.
The up-down control is through change of the angle of incidence of the wings. The left-right control is through rear-lower ruder, connected with the control of the fore-wheel. The tail is fixed.
At take-off the pilot move the control levers forward. The angle of incidence increase, the flapping frequence (gas) and initial tension of the springs (behind the roller on the control lever) connected with outer parts of the wings increase too.
At the left control lever is the handle of the clutch, at the right control lever is the handle of the stopper of the control levers.

                                                                                                                                                           HUMAN POWERED ORNITHOPTER